The Fastest Way To Create Covid 19 Screening Waivers For Your Business

November 25, 2020

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Nothing is more boring than filling out a form on a bus.

*Fiiber is a web application that provides easy form building technology. The information in this blog post suggests guidance on how to build a form for your business but does not constitute legal or medical advice. Please consult your local health authority for up to date Covid 19 screening requirements.


With laws and regulations regarding Covid 19 changing frequently and drastically in today's climate, it's vital for businesses, small and large, to be constantly looking ahead to make changes proactively. One of the critical measures federal and provincial governments have enforced is that businesses must provide mandatory Covid 19 Screening Waivers to their staff and those entering the workplace to help minimize the risk to both their clients and employees on a regular basis.

Who should be required to fill out a screening waiver?

If not already specifically stated by your government, businesses should look to provide Covid 19 waivers to anyone who will be within close contact with one another. This certainly includes staff, but in many cases can also affect customers who may come in close contact with workers or other shoppers, members, etc. Screening plays an important role in minimizing the likelihood of spread amongst those who come into your workplace. Businesses that fail to provide proper screening are extremely vulnerable to the spread of the virus and can ultimately require temporary shutdown if workers are exposed.

Building A Covid 19 Screening Process

If you've been attending gyms, pursuing classes, sports, or group activities in a professional setting, or you've simply gone to your office to work, you've likely been required to fill one of these out. Whether you're a newly developed startup, or you're an existing company that's recently been required to provide a digital screening process, it's imperative that you're offering a quick and easy platform for your staff or members to access and fill out these forms. Additionally, it's in a business owner's best interest to have a dedicated area to keep track of their daily waiver submissions.

Covid 19 Waivers are used to identify whether or not a person should return to work, often based on the following:

  • Their recent activity outside the workplace
  • Their travel history
  • Whether or not they've been in contact with a potential carrier
  • Their current and recent health history (potential symptoms, etc.)

Waivers can also include additional screening questions depending on their industry or their government's specific requirements.

The fastest and easiest way to start Screening

In order to provide a simple, reliable screening process, you'll need a digital platform that allows you to create a form that matches your waiver's requirements. Fiiber's free, easy to use Form Editor lets you create completely custom forms that ask the questions that are pertinent to your business. All of your form submissions will be stored automatically in a user-friendly, sortable database for easy access to employee responses.

1) To begin, simply register for an account at -> (No credit card required)

2) Next you're going to click the big New Form button from the Dashboard. This will bring up the Template Marketplace.

3) You can select Blank Form to start from scratch, or opt for an expedited starting place by choosing the Covid 19 Screening Waiver template.

4) Next, you will be directed to the Form Editor to begin editing your form. Use the Toolbar on the righthand side to add additional fields to your form.

Now let's take a look at the questions your business should be asking.

Asking The Right Questions

Generally speaking, businesses in the same province and/or industry will share several of the same question fields.

Below is our step by step walkthrough for a typical Covid 19 Screening Waiver:

1) We'll start with Name and Email fields. This is fairly obvious in order to know who is filling out the form. It also provides an easy way to get in touch with the signee incase any follow-up is required. (This field should appear on your new form by default)

2) Next, we'll ask about the employee's temperature, and if they've been in close contact with anyone who has or may have contracted the virus. This can be done by selecting the Single Choice field from the Toolbar and adding in our questions and answers like below.

3) It's extremely important to ask about any potential Covid 19-like symptoms before a staff member returns to work. A simple Multiple Choice field will do the trick.

4) Travel restrictions in almost all scenarios require recent passengers to self-isolate upon their return. That said, make sure you're asking the right questions regarding travel. Again, the Single Choice field works great here for simple Yes/No questions.

5) Always include your terms and policies regarding returning to work and the implied risks of doing so. This is imperative to ensure that your employees are properly informed and that your business is providing the necessary measures to return to work as safely as possible. As mentioned, the bylaws, restrictions, terms and risks will all vary among businesses based on location, size, industry and government mandates & law. In order to ensure that you've included the proper policies, make sure that you've read and understood the laws stated from your local and federal government. This information can often be found on your province/state's website.

To add this information, you can simply add a Paragraph field and type in your policies. If you have extensive policy in the form of a PDF or web page that needs to be included, you can instead use the Terms & Conditions widget to provide an easy link to your external resources.

6) Lastly, making sure that you have proper record of your employees' submissions is important. Their information needs to be honest, accurate and you must include validation that they are the one who has submitted the form. This can be done by providing a Signature field. Employees can sign digitally from their phone or computer easily.

Easy Access For Your Employees

At this stage, your waiver should ask about the employee's temperature and symptoms, travel history, potential or confirmed contact with a Covid 19 carrier and has explicitly laid out the proper legal and business-specific terms to your agreement. We've included a Signature field for further identification and all we have left to do is make this waiver available to your workers. If you're satisfied with your Covid 19 Screening Waiver, you can click Publish within the Form Editor. This will allow your form to become available on the internet for your employees to access. When publishing, a link will be generated that you can share with staff, or you can choose to embed your form within your website for ease-of-access by clicking the Embed button. Employees can fill out this form upon arriving to their shift and their submissions will be added to your Results database.

If at any stage you have any issues creating your form, reach out to the Fiiber team at for some assistance!

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